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Motorola Equipment Rentals: Mobile Radios, Portable Radios | Keltech


Keltech's Rental Equipment

Mobile Radios:

All Motorola Mobile radios (ie – M1225, Maxtrac, Sm120, etc) run on 12 Volts DC power. Rental Mobile packages are supplied with a cigarette lighter adapter to plug into the standard cigarette lighter in a vehicle. A mobile radio, when transmitting, can pull up to 6 amps of power at 12 volts, which the majority of vehicles can supply to the plug. The radios cannot handle more than a 12 V system (some heavy machinery runs on a 24 Volt electrical system). In the case of a 24 Volt system, a step-down power converter is required, and can be supplied, upon request, by Keltech Communications.

Base Radios:

Base radio packages are supplied with a 120 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC Power Supply that the radio itself will be mounted to. Although the power supply is capable of handling minor fluctuations in the AC power, it is recommended that the customer plug it into, at the very minimum, a surge suppression power-bar or equivalent device. It is highly recommended that the power supply for the base be plugged into a UPS.

Keltech Communications Inc. is not responsible for any damage to the power supply or radio that is caused by dirty or bad power at the customer’s site.

Handheld Radios:

Portable packages are supplied with battery chargers that run on 110 Volts AC. As with the base radios, the chargers themselves can handle minor fluctuations in the AC power source, it is still recommended that the chargers be connected, at the very minimum, to a surge suppressor of some type. The 6-Bank charge boxes that Keltech Communications uses has 6 individual chargers mounted in a single box. These boxes DO NOT include any type of surge suppressor, and one must be supplied external to the charge box.