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MOTOTRBO XRI9100 Interconnect Gateway

MOTOTRBO XRI9100 Interconnect Gateway

MOTOTRBO XRI9100 Interconnect Gateway
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Type: Gateways
Brand: Motorola
Model: XRI9100

The XRI 9100 Interconnect Gateway allows you to connect a MOTOTRBO Connect Plus radio system to a PSTN or PBX telephone system. Connect your staff to people inside and outside of your business, on their fixed or cellular phones.

The XRI 9100 supports half-duplex communications for up to 16 phone lines simultaneously. A call can be initiated by a telephone user, and may be a private call, group call or multi-group call. Private calls can also be initiated by an authorized radio user straight from the radio keypad. Customizable interactive voice prompts are provided for telephone users, and entry to the system can be restricted by caller and by talkgroup.

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