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Tower Site Management and Inspections | Keltech Communications, Drayton Valley

Wide Area Tower System

Keltech's Wide Area Tower System

Tower Site Co-Location Rental:

Keltech provides tower site management for companies with sites located throughout the province of Alberta. These sites have a wide range of services which include electrical utility, and may include, phone lines and fiber connectivity to the Alberta Supernet infrastructure, wireless backhaul services.

Proper tower site management also includes RF administration. Proper RF management greatly reduces the possibility of interference issues which may result in loss of service to numerous parties on and off the site.

Tower Inspections:

Keltech provides tower inspections specializing in self-support towers.

Tower Personnel:

Keltech personnel authorized to provide tower services are fully trained and competent and undergo a mentoring program to ensure compliance to Keltech’s strict safety standards. This ensures that an experienced individual is provided and not just an individual with paperwork.

In addition, all Authorized tower crew personnel are certified with Fall Awareness, Protection and High Angle Tower Rescue.

Certified and inspected rescue kits are present on all climbs.

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